Green Towers! Energy Efficient

Technology makes Telecom Towers
environment friendly.

Cell on Wheel

Movable Towers for Short
Duration Network Coverages !


Suitable for WBB
ISP and Small Cells!

About Us

V-Con Telecom Towers Pvt Ltd

We build, share and lease Passive Infrastructures with various Telecom Network Operators.


Towers are typically tall structures designed to support LTE/ GSM/ MW/ Small-Cell equipments for providing telecom Services.



Installing Cell on Wheels (COW) to expand wireless network coverage at special events like major sporting events, large conventions or in disaster areas or defence.



Mast is typically light structures designed to support Wi-Fi/ WBB/ ISP/ Small Cell antenna.


Are you looking for passive infrastruture solutions, new Towers, TSP and operation of Tower sites?

Services and Solutions Site Owners

Service and Solutions

"We help Telecom Network Providers to go live in No Time"

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  • Ground Based Towers
  • Ground Based Monopoles
  • Roof Top Towers
  • Roof Top Poles
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  • Guy Wired Masts
  • Self Support Masts
cell on wheel

Telecom Turnkey Service Provider (TSP)

We as a TSP (Telecom Trunkey Service Provider) provide complete passive infrastructure solutions for telecom sites starting from Acquisition to RFIE of the site.

cell on wheel

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Operation and Maintenance of passive infrastructure is a very critical and challenging part of Telecom Industry and VTTPL is having expertise for the same.

cell on wheel

Green Sites and Renewable Energy Solution

Green initiative is not just an initiative but a responsibility of each Individual as well as each Organization. VTTPL understand its responsibility towards the environment, our people and other livings on this planet, that’s why we have maximum of our sites ‘Green’, (i.e., energy efficient and environment friendly).


We built, share and lease Passive Infrastructures with various Telecom Network Operators.

Services and Solutions

VTTPL is having all solutions for Tower Sites i.e., GBT / RTT / RTP/ MAST and COW for Expanding Telecom Network. We also do TSP work and O&M related activities for Tower sites.

V-Con Telecom Towers Pvt Ltd

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